Settlement Asset Management Trusts

Many injury victims have needs that are uncertain, unpredictable, subject to change, event contingent or indeterminable as to timing and amount. These needs require a liquid and flexible pool of money set aside to address those needs. A settlement asset management trust can be the perfect solution for these types of needs. These trusts are typically an irrevocable trust that is established with part of the recovery from your personal injury lawsuit. The trust is designed to protect your recovery from dissipation while making funds available to you in amounts and at times real financial needs arise. It can be accessed for most any of your needs yet is professionally managed to maximize your money. The trust is constructed to be adaptable in order to accommodate virtually any important change in your future financial profile.

The trust offers custom money management by a fiduciary (a trust company) that can help you achieve greater growth of your money. The trust can adapt and change to your specific monetary needs and can pay for those unexpected expenses. You can arrange for periodic payments to you from the trust which can be increased during periods of unemployment or other short-term reversals that might be necessary. Annuity based structured settlement payments can be blended with the trust to create a better balance of the injury victim's settlement assets. Installing the trust and depositing funds into the trust does not require the approval or the cooperation of the defense. The trust does not create the "estate tax liquidity problem" that is inherent in other settlement vehicles.