MSPRC Going to Self Service?

Posted date in Jason D. Lazarus, J.D., LL.M., MSCC Medicare Secondary Payer Act

The MSPRC issued the following announcement today:

MSPRC Self Service Information Feature

The MSPRC is in the process of adding a new feature to the current Customer Service Line: The Self Service Information Feature. This new automated feature will give callers the ability to get the most up-to-date Demand/Conditional Payment amounts and the dates those letters were issued without having to speak with a Customer Service Representative! The Self-Service Feature will be a convenient way for callers to receive accurate and consistent case information while saving time! Some additional benefits of this new feature include:

· Extended Calling Hours – The Self-Service Feature will be made available for additional hours outside of the MSPRC Hours of Operation!
· Shorter Wait Time – By using the Self-Service Information Feature, callers will no longer have to experience the wait time associated with speaking to a Customer Service Representative!
· Unlimited number of cases inquiries on one phone call – After receiving information on a case through the Self-Service Information Feature, callers are given the option of checking multiple cases on that same call!

The Self-Service Information Feature is scheduled to go live September 30, 2011!

Given all of the information circulating lately about changes at the MSPRC and a new contractor coming in, it is interesting to see things moving so quickly.  Why can't they get conditional payment information out this quick?  Maybe the pressure Congress has put on CMS is trickling down to the MSPRC.  Maybe it is the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition.  Maybe it is the AAJ.  Who knows but the better question is whether the new on hold music will be less depressing than before.

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